VIDEO: AlexsLens explores Santa Monica


Talented filmmaker Alex Warren, known online as AlexsLens, recently swapped the Isle of Wight for California — the perfect setting for his cinematic style.

The 19 year old headed over to the states for a two-week trip with four fellow YouTube creators to explore Santa Monica, Malibu, and Los Angeles. The friends, who are scattered around the UK, met via YouTube and used the trip to gather exciting content, as well as enjoy some well earned beach time.

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The YouTubers enjoying Santa Monica

Alex, a former Sandown Bay Academy student, said: “It was always my dream to go to California, so a group of five of us decided to just go. I had the best time with the best people, and I just loved being able to explore the place I had always hoped to go to.

“Los Angeles and California were the most inspiring places. The fact it was sunny all day everyday meant we could wake up with a smile on our faces and go out and do whatever we wanted to do, it was just incredible.

“The best part was the people, I was able to meet so many new inspiring people who motivated me to get back into creating more of my films.”

AlexsLens Santa Monica pic

The music featured in the Santa Monica video is more relaxed than some of Alex’s previous soundtracks, and he hopes it will create a different kind of atmosphere.

“Finding music for my videos is the hardest part of the editing process. I can spend hours, even days, trying to find the correct music to fit the vibe of the film I am creating,” he said.

“Previously I have used quite upbeat song choices but now I’ve transitioned into using more calm and chill songs because I feel like that creates a better atmosphere and compliments my footage well.”