Watch Isle of Wight writer’s Netflix series Free Rein

On the set of Free Rein, from left, co-writer Anna McCleery, executive producer Rebecca Hodgson, Raven the horse, Olympic gold medalist Charlotte Dujardin and co-writer Vicki Lutas.

Set on a fictional Isle of Wight, a new Netflix Original series is not only based on the Island but has been created by an Island screenwriter.

The brainchild of associate producers Vicki Lutas and her writing partner Anna McCleery, the first season of Free Rein is now available, after being produced by Lime Pictures.

The show is set on a fictional island off the south coast and follows an American teenager named Zoe (played by Jaylen Barron), who befriends a mysterious horse named Raven.
British dressage champion Charlotte Dujardin also makes a cameo in the final episode.

“The Island was such an important part of the show from the offset,” said Vicki, who lives in East Cowes.

“The show is set on a fictional island off the south coast of England but it is very much based on the Isle of Wight. We knew setting it somewhere like the Isle of Wight would be a perfect place for fun, adventure and mystery.”

The show is also partly inspired by Vicki’s time horse riding at Allendale Stables, Godshill, when she was a child.

The former Cowes High School student said: “In the show, the main horse was called Raven and she’s quite wild and dangerous. When I was younger, I would have loved that horse – but all the horses I used to ride were not the same level as Raven. We’ve poured so much love, time and energy into it, so I’m really excited to see it go out.”

You can watch Free Rein here.