Is Yates Isle of Wight the most tragic hometown club in the UK?

Yates, Newport.

Yates in Newport is in the running to be crowned the UK’s most tragic club, thanks to student website The Tab.

The ‘simultaneously awful and amazing’ clubs have been nominated by UK students for a public vote, with 200 word justifications explaining why they’re so terrible — and Yates is currently in the lead.

Responsible for the nomination is Patsie Gorman, 20, from Ventnor, a journalism student at the University of Portsmouth.

On the website, the 20 year old describes the bar as: “Sticky. Grimy. And filled with 18-year-olds or anyone over the age of 35 who’s desperate for an ‘easy pull.'”

But does Yates really deserve the not-so-prestigious title?

(Hello? Does it even qualify to be a club? Because that in itself is highly debatable.)

Regardless of whether it’s an eligible entry, maybe it is worthy of the accolade — as not even the best liars can deny it’s spectacularly awful.

If you’re accompanied by mates and fuelled by pre-drinks in Spoons, then nights in Yates are usually so bad, they’re good.

For Island teens, it’s a right of passage to drink too many jager bombs and stagger on to the grimy dancefloor — and when you’ve eventually had enough — to wait in the freezing cold for a burger from Bitesize.

It’s the only place we can afford in a central location. And when you add the constant stream of never ending hits like Gwen Stefani’s Rich Girl or Estelle’s American Boy, and coincidentally bumping into everyone you know, then by Isle of Wight nightlife standards, you have a recipe for a good(ish) night.

The poll — which 35,000 people voted in last year — closes on Wednesday.
You can cast your vote here.

After all, nationwide recognition is only going to legitimatise our guilty pleasure. But I still probably won’t walk in there sober.