Introducing Bright Flame Music

Cowes, Studio 5a, Newport Road Left, Claydon Connor and Edan Bartlett behind the mixing desk

LET’S be honest if you are going to get signed these days, you need a pretty hefty twitter following and fans of The Insta.

A modern artist needs to be preened, polished and ready for success to have any chance of getting signed by a record label.

Labels are looking for the finished article — musicians who are ready for their close up — and that is exactly what Edan Bartlett wants to help them become in a bid to boost the number of Islanders achieving success.

“The idea is to give artists a chance to develop,” said the 21-year-old from Ryde, describing his new business, Bright Flame Music.

Edan is a student at Platform One College of Music and has been tasked with creating his own commercially viable firm as part of his third year project.

His aim is to deliver something not currently offered on the IW and that is to provide the services record labels did in the past.

“I’m working with a couple of new artists — Alex James and Izzy Crocker — to showcase their talent, helping with songwriting, managing their social media and getting them in the studio.

Cowes, Studio 5a, Newport Road Left, Charlie Fennimore in Blue shirt (Filming), Edan Bartlett (Producer), Alex James (on Guitar), Reuben Mowle (Filming)
Studio 5a, Newport Road, Coses. County Press photographer Chris Cornford.
Left, Charlie Fennimore in Blue shirt (Filming), Edan Bartlett (Producer), Alex James (on Guitar), Reuben Mowle (Filming)

“It’s what an old label would do. But, you don’t get that in today’s industry. You pretty much have to be a ready made artist to get signed, and that is what’s stopping Island artists. I want to help get them ready.”

Edan wants to use his company to unburden young artists from the need to be “a Jack of all trades”, by being that himself.

He enjoys song-writing and has played in bands, performing across the Island.

“Songs help artists communicate their emotions to the public and I enjoy expressing myself or helping others express themselves.”

The student has hit the ground running by teaming up with a former Platform One student, Reuben Mowle, and his company, to record live music videos.

“Bright Flame Sessions will be live sessions with bands filmed at Studio 5a in connection with Glass House Productions, which will be vital to helping artists coming through.”

“Nobody has really done this before on the Island,” said Edan.

Glass House aims to become a leading cinematography company and has already had work featured on yoppul when they filmed for another Platform One related company, Chalkpit Records — whose band Nakamarra performed at Quay Arts two weeks ago.

Edan has plenty of ambition, aiming to organise live gigs as well as getting more bands into studios, and said his studies at Platform One have led him to being more organised — although he admits he can still run late, as is the right of anybody in the creative industries.

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