Insta-success for Isle of Wight artist

Freshwater. Lily Ashton with some of her artwork.

IMAGINE being 18 and having 150,000 people check out your artwork — well that is exactly what happens for one Freshwater A Level student.

Lily Ashton has been drawing seriously since the age of 13 and opened an instagram account two years ago to showcase her GCSE work.


The Christ the King College student said: “When I hit 10,000 followers I was so excited and thought it couldn’t get much better. But before I knew it, I had 50,000 then 100,000, then 150,000. It makes you feel a lot more confident knowing people support you and look forward to seeing you drawings.”




The support has given Lily the confidence to work towards becoming a children’s illustrator or work for an animation company like Disney.

On her most recent instagram post — a drawing of three cubs from Disney’s Lion King — she asked her followers to tell her why they follow her.

One said: “I was just browsing around and saw this account with a cute panda picture. I was like, I must follow.”

Another said: “I look up to you so much, you are such an inspiration to me. One day I want to be just as good as you are at art.”

Lily first picked up some of her skills when she attended Seahorses Art Studio in Freshwater and she later self-learnt Lucy Swinburne’s technique for drawing fur.

Although Lily mainly focuses on drawing animals — often using a watercolour base and coloured pencil over the top — she has been commissioned to draw portraits.
Next on her list accomplishments is to attend university to study art and progress her career.