AlexsLens video: Epiphany

An R&B artist, a cracking videographer, and a great backdrop — it’s the dream team.
Alex Warren, known online as AlexsLens, has released his new video ‘Epiphany’, which features artist James Vickery. The pair previously teamed up for ‘A day in the life of a Bestival Artist’, which saw Alex capture the mood of James’ festival experience and performance.
Here’s what Alex had to say about his latest project.
Alex Collage
Alex Warren

What can you tell us about Epiphany?
I have been working alongside a music producer and his artist, James Vickery, creating content for his new single ‘Epiphany’.

How would you describe James Vickery?
He is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter from London.

How did you plan this project?
There was no planning needed. I followed JV around for the day and documented what he got up to, showing what a typical artist does when creating new music.

The track works really well with your style. Is it sometimes difficult to get music to work certain shots?
Music is vital for my videos, in my opinion it can make or break a video. The song I used in this particular video was written and sung by James Vickery, who was featured in the video. It can take hours and hours to find the right music to fit the videos I create but in the end it is worth all the time and effort, because it can change the whole vibe of the video.

What did you use to film?
I used a Sony rx100 iv to film this video, it’s the perfect camera to capture candid moments.