AlexsLens video: A day in the life of a Bestival artist


Not everyone gets to see what Bestival is like from an artist’s perspective, but now, thanks to Alex Warren’s video, we can all take a sneaky peek.

Alex, known online as AlexsLens, teamed up with artist James Vickery, and documented his performance. Here’s what 18-year-old videographer Alex had to say about it….

Alex Lens 6
Alex Warren

What can you tell us about this video?
My video Bestival is a day in the life of an artist performing at the Robin Hill-based festival. I followed James Vickery around for Sunday of Bestival to showcase what a typical artist gets up to on the weekend. James performed alongside Joe Hertz on the ’Temple Island’ stage with their song ‘Swimming’ — the song I used in the background of the video.

How did you meet?
I worked alongside Soulcat Music with their artist James Vickery to create this cinematic video. Kip Grant, the producer, found my work via my Youtube channel and really liked my style, and asked me to join their team to help create content for them.

What was it like watching James perform?
James Vickery is a brilliant performer, he has so much natural talent. It was interesting being behind the scenes of Bestival to see how it is run and how the performers prepare etc. His new single ‘Epiphany’ is out now.

What did you enjoy about this project?
I really loved the vibe from being at the festival, and I was inspired throughout the whole day. I really like integrating music into my work, and doing projects like this really stimulates my love for the music industry. Both music and video can both tell a story and I love being able to bring them together in my videography work.

What was it like filming at Bestival? Was it your first time at the festival?
I have been to the Isle of Wight Festival many times but I have never been to Bestival before, and it was a completely different vibe. There were so many attractions to film and document, so it made shooting for this video a lot easier.

What equipment did you use to film?
I simply used my Sony rx100 iv. It is the perfect little camera because it is portable and shoots very well in low-light, perfect for festival conditions.

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