Not going away? Make the most of your Island staycation

Photo by Peter Boam

It can be a bit of a downer knowing that you’re not going away for the summer. Whether it’s because funds are a little tight, or you’ve been put off flying by recent global dramas, you can still have a great time right here on our little Island. Here’s some inspiration for your staycation….

  • These boots were made for walking

    Photo by Robin Crossley

    We’re blessed with fantastic countryside and amazing views, so get out there and discover some gorgeous parks and scenery. It’s relaxing, free and helps get you fit, what’s not to like? Here’s some suggested routes.

  • Go old school

    Photo by Peter Boam

    Relive your childhood with a classic seaside day out. Get an ice cream on the beach, go crabbing, build a sandcastle, have a go on the slot machines – remind yourself how great life was when you were ten years old and didn’t have to worry about paying rent.

  • Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

    Cowes by Joanna Hunt
    Photo by Joanna Hunt

    Ventnor, Sandown, Seaview, Ryde, Cowes, – the list of great beaches is endless. Grab a towel or picnic blanket and get set up for the day. The Island is known for its slightly warmer climate, so hopefully you can catch some sun and top up your tan. Again, it’s free and makes for a great day out.

  • Try a new activity

    Photo by Peter Boam

    Whether you fancy doing yoga on a surfboard in the middle of the sea, sailing across the Solent, or want to race around on a Segway, you’ll find it all on the Island. Why not try something new while you’ve got the time? It could lead to a new hobby, or if you’re terrible at it, at least you’ll have some good stories. Here’s some ideas.

  • Stuff your face
    staycation crab and lobster inn
    Photo by Laura Holme

    I know, I know. But technically you’re on holiday, so go for it! The Island is brimming with top fresh fish restaurants, so why not treat yourself to a fancy dinner out. The Little Gloster in Gurnard and the Crab & Lobster Inn in Bembridge come highly recommended.

  • Be a tourist
    Photo by Robin Crossley

    If you grew up here then chances are you’ve visited the tourist attractions – The Garlic Farm, The Needles, Blackgang Chine etc. But even if you ticked these off your list when you were younger, you’ve now got the chance to rediscover them. Maybe you’ll enjoy reminiscing, and who knows, they may be even better than you remembered.