Ten photos that prove the Isle of Wight is the WORST place in the world.


Whether you live on the Isle of Wight or you have travelled across the Solent to visit, we think these photos will sum up all of your disappointment.


There are no nice walks to go on:

picture by Viki TaylorPicture by: Viki Taylor

These pests are found everywhere:

squirrel - Viki Taylor

Picture by Viki Taylor

You can never find a nice beach to walk along:

Sandown Beach - Andy Marshall

Picture by Andy Marshall

Our sunrises are underwhelming:

Dennis Jones - sunrise in Cowes

Picture by Dennis Jones

Seriously? Is there anywhere nice to catch a bit of sun?

Needles - Les Lockhart

Picture by Les Lockhart

Our night skies are boring:

sky - Les Lockhart

Picture by Les Lockhart

We have no iconic natural landmarks:

Freshwater The Needles

Picture by Jennifer Burton

It’s basically impossible to find a cute animal:

Amazon World Lemur sunbathing (take a picture of me!)

Picture by Jennifer Burton

Our beaches are quite rightly deserted:

Appley Beach on Saturday 13th July at 4pm.

Picture by Robin Crossley

Seriously, what is wrong with the Isle of Wight and its lack of sun?

Sunset over the Solent from Marsh Road, Gurnard.

Picture by Pete Boam

So as you can see. It’s rather horrid here.