That awkward moment Americans think the Isle of Wight is in London


When the now infamous Triceratops, Godshilla, roamed the streets of the Isle of Wight last week the story went viral.

National and international newspapers picked up on the prank in sleepy Godshill.

But, some US news sites seemed to get the wrong idea about where our little Island is.

And here at Yoppul we can’t resist a good tease, so we’ve put together a handy guide for American tourists visiting Isle of Wight, London.

With Godshilla still floating around the twittersphere, it seems only right we stop off first at the Natural History Museum.

Holiday News 2014 Blackgang Chine and Robin Hill Restricted area 5 at Blackgang Chine

Islanders will be keenly aware you can no longer drive along Undercliff Drive to get to Cromwell Road, London.

Next stop is an American favourite. No trip would be complete without a trip to see the Queen.

Gardening Osborne House

Unfortunately she doesn’t seem to be in at the moment.

The best way to get across the Island to our next stop is by boat, using the river that cuts through the very heart of the Isle of Wight.

Newport Harbour for Behind the News

Visitors may listen to tourist guides regale stories about the London mob and where they might hide the victims of their crimes.

Our next stop is of course the famous Tower of London, built after the Norman Conquest.

Carisbrooke feature. pictures taken from Carisbrooke Cemetry and Carisbrooke Castle

Then it’s back along the Thames to Newport for a five star meal at our top notch skyscraper.

Newport M.A.V. Feature 2015. St Mary's Hospital front entrance.

Well, that’s it for our tour. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Hopefully check-in at Heathrow won’t be too busy.


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